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Glad to hear you like your gun. I actually have an identical one that is my home defense weapon. I also use it to shoot CDP division in IDPA and L10 in USPSA.

I have to say that it is one of the softest shooting 45s that I've ever fired. My steel-framed Springfield 1911 has distinctly more recoil snap than the XD.

Originally Posted by ThE_LoNgShOt View Post
Melonite seems on par with the Glock Tenifer finish as far as I can tell.
I will actually admit that it isn't. The Glock finish is one of the most durable factory finishes out there. If you draw out of a kydex holster enough, the XD's finish will strip off much faster than a Glock's. But we're talking a LOT of draws out of the holster to achieve this (this is my original competition XD9 after about 10,000 rounds through it).

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