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Centerfires are welcome at this range, also no prob if you want to shoot your RAW. Most people choose to shoot 22's because of ammo cost. The lessons learned transfer easily to any other rifle and you can build skills on a .22 for a fraction of the cost.

Re Mags. Our course is made up of 5-10 round drills so larger mags are not needed, though you are welcome to use whatever legal mags you want. Biggest issue here is be sure that you can shoot in prone w/o mag touching the ground. On an AR platform that usually means that 10's and 20's will work better for most folks than 30's, but 30's can be fine too, just depends on your physical build. Be sure you bring at least two jam-free mags to work with.

We suggest that you zero at 25m as the course of fire is shot at that distance. We will go over how to zero your rifle, but you will be ahead if you have it zeroed to start with.

This will be a 25m event. Often, at Appleseeds on ranges that have longer distances available, there will be an opportunity to shoot at longer distances. Corona is a 25m range w/o longer distances availble.

The good news is that distance makes no difference in nearly all of the fundamentals of marksmanship. Small target at short distance = large target at long distance. For example, other than understanding trajectory and wind, equal skill is required to hit a 1" square target at 25yds as is to hit a full-size torso silhouette target at 500yds.

Hope to see you there!
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