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Originally Posted by ptoguy2002 View Post
Been meaning to do one of these for a while, this might line up schedule wise.
-Are these more geared toward using .22LR, or will a centerfire (.223 ) work just as well?
-The site says "preferable" zero of 25 meters, are they going to expect me to change zero if I'm not zero'ed at that range?
-Any issues with using a RAW (registered assault weapon) at this?
-10+ round mags?
-Or would a bullet button'ed rifle with 10- mags be better?
From my research, the Appleseed can be shot with whatever rifle as you start the day learning fundamentals shooting at 25 yards. Afterward learning the fundamentals, they have you put them to use by shooting 100 yard targets. If you don't follow the training with the group, not sure why even bother participating.

I don't think there is a problem with using a RAW, but why when most of the people and kids will be using 22lr and small semi auto rim fires.

Most people cannot carry more than 10 rounds in California. You will be more than adequate with two 10 round magazines.
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