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Default Sacramento and New DOJ Form

Originally Posted by Rugerdaddy View Post
I searched, but nothing came up. Was the thread in this sub-forum, LTC Discussion?

Your answer implies that you don't understand the issue. The new DOJ form asks you to justify your request to carry for "self-protection". If you are requesting for self-defense, as most of us have, you now are required to explain WHY you need self-protection, including dates, times, locations, and police reports of the incident(s) that drive you to feel you need a LTC.
I understand the issue perfectly, dude. My answer is as follows:
You are NOT required by Sac County to explain why you need self protection. Clear enough? I renewed with the new form and used the exact wording I used on the old form two years ago. Seems like you're the one who lacks comprehension today. Now, if you wanna argue the abstractions involved in the strangely reworded DOJ form instead of the practicalities in how SSD is handling renewals with the new form, have at it, but, at least in the case of Sac County, that's a different discussion.
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