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Default Update 6-22-12

Originally Posted by finyllw View Post
Just a quick note here. I called Miller foam, the first contact on the list that "weekend plinker" listed (Thanks for that) and I talked to a guy named John.

He suggested "Extra Firm High Density Polyurathane (sp) Foam". It comes in dark charcoa, is chemical resistant, comes in many different thicknesses up to 2" thick. Sheets are 24" by 72" 2" thick are $36.00, 1" thick sheets are $18.00.

They are in South El Monte.

I am in the process of building a foam cutter, just in the begining stages of tracking things down. I'll keep you all posted on how things go. Heading out right now to get the Nichromium wire.

A big thanks to Elwood Blues for posting his projects, information, and wiring diagram.
I bought a transformer from a local electronics shop, 120ac to 24v dc. Hooked it up and didn't get any heat from the wire, and the ac side went open circuit after 5 minutes. I researched EB's op, he didn't mention ac/dc thing. Went online to Radio Shack, found thier transformer, and picked one up. It's a 120ac to 25vac. I didn't think this would work. I got back to the shop and much to MY suprise (EB already knew this) is worked just fine. I actually cut some foam. I couldn't find any 24 ga Nichromium wire locally, I did find 20ga. It's a little thicker but it has worked ok on my test. Finding the brass rod is a challenge, looks like Orchard Supply might have some. I'll let you know asap. Next up is to build a frame. So far i have $40 into this, but I am excited about the possibilities. I'm also thinkin about loaning/renting this thing out in case anybody wants to do thier own foam cutting. I'll keep you all posted.

Radio Shack part number for the transformer is 273-1512B
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