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Feed the wire through the pilot hole, attach it back on the rod and turn your contraption on.

It is good to have some scrap foam so you can adjust the heat on the wire. You don’t want it glowing red as that will burn right into your paper template. Just play around at this point with a spare piece of foam.

Once you have the heat dialed in, start cutting. I found that is helpful to have support on both ends of the cutter to keep the foam from bending down once it leaves the cutting surface. Nice and slow around the template.

When you complete the cut around the template back to the pilot hole, you probably won’t be able to cut any further without checking first how well you did and fit your piece into the cutout.

Once you’re pleased with your work, you might want to put the “plug” back into the hole before you start the next cutout to try to keep the entire foam more stiff.

The last step is to cut some of the plugs to appropriate thickness to compensate for the item’s width. In my case I only cut the bolt plug and one for the Glock. I just used a piece of wood as guide to make my cut straight.

Insert the plug back into the hole and you’re pretty much done. Note the difference in depth of the hole where there is a plug.

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