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You want to stay local or move around. Would you like to work at the state Level or County. Stay away from the private entities. is looking to hire a few thousand new Co's over the next few years. The counties are also hiring but you will probably not make as much. If you are motivated and want to promote you can move up the chain pretty quick in CDC.

Positives. Good pay. Good Benefit. Good Health plans to chose from. Transfer anywhere in the state.

Negatives. Hold overs really suck when you first start. Lots of whiney inmates that always want to sue you for every little thing you do wrong. The inmates that are legit won't mess with you for the most part.but they well be the ones that will not hesitate to hurt you if ordered to do so. CDC is going through alt of changes right now and alt of the old timers dont want to stick around to see how screwed things can actually get.

At the county level things are a little different. Some counties don't actually run their own jails. Not enough money so they privatize it.the bigger counties is where you should look at. Check to see what the requirements are for the county you want to join. And if they are sworn peace officers or not. Lots of cookie cutter college's putting out Co training classes but do not guarantee jobs when you graduate. These places will charge you to attend. Be cautious about that. Last thing you need is to attend and pay for training when the agency that will hire you requires you to attend their Academy.
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