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Originally Posted by Garyson1311 View Post
Got a text from my neighbor yesterday.. Sbco investigator went to her house and paid her a visit! I guess that's a good thing
Originally Posted by Garyson1311 View Post
My employer received the verification letter today.. I actually saw the letter and didnt know they diclose to your employer that you are applying for a CCW.. I didnt care that much but I did get some scrutiny like some people saying "So your planning on bringing a gun to work?". It made for kind of an interesting conversation to say the least. I understand its part of the process but im not sure I like my work knowing that I applied. Oh well, I guess that means they are moving along with the process
I hope you get your permit but this is something with SB County that I just don't agree with. You aren't applying for an LEO position or a security clearance, so what is up with all these personal interviews? And I can't say about you, but most people have at least one neighbor who is a complete *******. And they send a notice to your work? Why does your work need to know anything about your CCW permit unless it is a condition of employment? Their whole process is bull**** when it comes to the "background" investigation. It is just another tactic to get people to not apply.
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