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Up here in Eureka you can trade in logs for lumber, turn in your cut sheet/build list, and they will give you a estimate of how many logs (and dimensions) they need. Some are rejected (you don't get it back) though. But it has its advantages, and I found was much cheaper than buying from a retailer.

You can use greenwood in building construction, However some of the techniques it requires might be a little daunting without woodworking experience. But if you can make a table scarf join, and squinted shoulders to hold the beam up, you can build a house without nails and even stronger. Greenwood joints use the shrinking of lumber over time to make the structure rock solid. However it is a lot more work. We actually have a restoration society that teaches the techniques and then restores Victorians...but the liberals at the local college are trying to close the program that teaches people the arts (even though his program has paid for itself and is producing the college a profit.) But you might see if your local historical society or restoration groups can steer you in that direction.
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