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Originally Posted by Raider510 View Post
Mista, shukran!

Lol, remember all the kids with their thumbs up? I seem to remember that it was supposed to be like them giving us the finger, but they were smiling so who knows!
Mista! Bush good! I like bush! You have candy?

We used to give them all the charms lol it was bad luck to eat them anyways.

I did my time in 04-05 with RCT-1. The streets of Fallujah. By far one of the most frightening and god awful places on earth. Anyone who says they weren't scared is nuts.

Hopefully they remember what we did there in future generations as more than just killing bad guys. I spent more time traing the first groups of the iasf and helping people than pulling the trigger. Everyone that had to pull will always be a little different though.
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