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Since you all have been unsuccessful in fixing the problems with your website for nearly a year, have you considered maybe hiring someone with the skill to get the job done?

Also, have you given consideration to accepting orders over the phone in the interim?

Please don't interpret my requests as being pushy - as I respect any business owner's decision to ignore people they don't want to do business with.

I'm just in a position where I am retired and I have a number of friends and some clients who I place orders on their behalf since I am able to to sign for or otherwise safely receive those shipments while they are at work. Some of these people want me to order from you and I'm not able to do that. With it having been nearly a year waiting for your website to get fixed and no one willing to accept an order via phone, I'm nearing the point of giving up. I have absolutely no problem in moving along if that's what you prefer.

In any event, if you all do decide to get your website fixed - it would be very helpful to make an announcement via various forums that Firefox users are welcome again. I as well as some other Firefox users I have spoken with no longer subscribe to your mailing, so we need to have some way to know that our business is welcome again. Thanks.
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