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Originally Posted by NoHeavyHitter View Post
Do you all ever have any intention of building a website that will support customers who use a Mozilla Firefox browser?

I used to be a fairly frequent customer because of your excellent selection, good prices, reasonable shipping, and better than average customer service.

Around the beginning of the year, I purchased some optics and had a lot of problems with the website. When I mentioned that I'd been a customer for some time and never had these problems before, I was told that you all had a new website and were trying to get the bugs worked out. I was asked if I would kindly contact a couple of different people in your company to assist in getting your site working.

I called both of those people and left messages that included my contact info and stated my willingness to help your staff troubleshoot these problems. No one ever bothered to call back - so I assumed things had been fixed.

During that time, I had moved over to other vendors for my needs. Occasionally you all run some decent sales and just recently I decided to give your site another try. The experience did not go well. While I could navigate the site, I had constant problems adding to and accessing my ďcartĒ. I also had numerous problems trying to place the order. Furthermore, customer service is no longer willing to accept my order over the phone. Also each person that I spoke with in your customer service department blamed these issues on my computer and software Ė regardless of the fact that YOUR website is the only one that I have these problems with. As much as Iíd like to continue to give you my business, Iím not going to buy a different computer or load other software since no other vendor requires that.

Since I donít know anyone else whoís into firearms that uses any browser besides Firefox, I asked them how they manage to order from your site. Surprisingly ALL of them reported that they simply have to place their orders for parts elsewhere..

That along with your unwillingness to accept a phone order will make my latest attempt at placing an order my last. Itís disappointing to find out that you all donít care about my business. Fortunately, Iím not personally too interested in AR-15ís so itís unlikely that many of my orders will ever amount to more than a few hundred dollars as much of what I order are for friends whose firearms I work on.

In conclusion, I cannot say that this situation speaks very well towards the quality of your customer service. Thatís really too bad Ė because I along with others I know would like to be able to order from PA.
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