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Originally Posted by Lmartinez614 View Post
Hello, man it feels awesome to read this. I'm moving up to Bakersfield soon from LA County so I can't wait to apply for this.

Anyone know if living in Kern County but working in LA County might be an issue? I'd be driving early mornings, late nights etc. I'm also a therapist that is on call often so I would be responding to crisis calls at all times of the day if needed. I think my job might be an issue but if anything could I say that when I'm in therapy sessions it will be locked and secured in my car inside a car safe? Or should I only answer that if asked?
You shouldn't have any issue. As long as you live in kern county, that should be fine. My good cause was due to traveling to remote areas around the county and also out of the county. You won't have to specify about storage in a safe.

Just remember though, they may want to speak with your supervisor if you are using a work related reason . They verified with my supervisor that he was aware I applied for a ccw
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