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Originally Posted by Peragro View Post
Quick update on the process.

Took the CCW 8 hour course on 21 Feb with High Desert Defense in Ridgecrest, CA. I enjoyed the class and both instructors were very helpful and good guys. I would recommend them.

Wasn't able to go to Bakersfield until today to show birth certificate, training certificate and all the handguns (busy schedule). Things went pretty smooth. I thought it was a bit awkward when it came time to show the guns I had listed on the permit. I put 6 on there and brought them with in a duffle bag. You're required to have cable locks through them. You're also showing the clerk each gun for a serial number check right there in the lobby at the window with everyone else waiting in line behind you and sitting in chairs waiting to be served. This was kind of weird to me. Especially since they take you back behind the closed door to do the fingerprinting. Seems like it would be a better idea to do the gun check then, out of the public. But, I don't make the rules. Fingerprinting went smoothly. She took 2 sets in case one was messed up so that I wouldn't have to drive back again from Ridgecrest. I asked her about the rumored new plastic cards. She said that they have the machine and they're ready to go, they just need the ok from DoJ to proceed. No idea how long that would take. She said it would be possible to change out the rice-paper card with a plastic one when they're up and running with it. She mentioned that it's been running at least 2 months and probably longer from fingerprinting to getting the license due to DoJ being the issuing authority. Apparently, they're backed up or something.

Anyway, that was my experience. Now the 2-3 month wait - hopefully it'll be sooner rather than later.
Got the call today to come pick up. She said it's a paper card, they don't have plastic yet. So, 9 Mar was when I did Livescan with the Sherriff. DOJ took from then until now to run it. Of course, I left today for a business trip for this week so won't be able to pick up until Friday...
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