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I'd like to see the definitive proof that the projectile, other than tracer rounds, fired from any California legal firearm, and done so in a legal and responsible manner, has, beyond a reasonable doubt, contributed to the start of any brush fire. SHOW ME PROOF! Tired of knee jerk ignorant reactions to firearm use. Harmful precedent is set when responsible firearm use is either blamed for issues such as wildfires without definitive proof or firearm use is "banned" for ignorant and ill advised fear that it MIGHT cause an issue. SHOW ME PROOF! I have fired 1000's of rounds from multiple calibers into areas where extremely dry conditions exist, always responsibly ensuring that the backstop is clear of any objects that could create a spark if a bullet contacts it, and I've never seen so much as a puff of smoke in the dry brush. SHOW ME PROOF! Responsibility at all levels on the part of PEOPLE is the answer. Holding PEOPLE accountable is also important. Some dude tossing a cig. butt while shooting is not grounds for banning shooting...just sayin. It's grounds for throwing that persons irresponsible tail in jail, without access to cigs., for some time to think about his bad habit.

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