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Originally Posted by EM2 View Post
A lot more narrow than I thought it would be.
I am thinking this would not hold up to judicial scrutiny.
How would these local governments explain that their parks are worthy of special consideration to violate the rights of individuals to carry a firearm for personal protect?
The argument has been attempted vs San Mateo County, with very negative results. Too soon; we need Peruta to be affirmed before that can be tried again, I think.
No one will really understand politics until they understand that politicians are not trying to solve our problems. They are trying to solve their own problems - of which getting elected and re-elected are number one and number two. Whatever is number three is far behind.
- Thomas Sowell
I've been saying that for years ...

There is no value at all complaining or analyzing or reading tea leaves to decide what these bills really mean or actually do; any bill with a chance to pass will be bad for gun owners.

The details only count after the Governor signs the bills.

Gregg Easterbrook’s “Law of Doomsaying”: Predict catastrophe no later than ten years hence but no sooner than five years away — soon enough to terrify people but distant enough that they will not remember that you were wrong.

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