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Originally Posted by TheTargetMan View Post
We did an update to our theme, and now we cannot get the pop-up to come up anymore. I will have to try to edit the code. Our new site is being developed and will be ready in about 2 weeks or so and the pop-up should be working again. Meanwhile, we just posted in the "announcements" section the lead times.

Lead times have slightly increased. As of now, we have 770 orders on backorder and I can assure you we're working literally around the clock to get orders out as quickly as we can. We should be pumping out about 150 orders next week.

I will update this thread in a few days and let you know where we stand. I apologize about the delay, but it has been crazy busy, and steel supply has been a little bit of an issue, but we're working through that now.


No worries. That is a metric butt load, and you seem to be handling it fine. I'll bug you again in a couple weeks unless I hear something sooner.
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