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Looks like I have another place to post all of my little beauties!

From left to right....

-Finnish P-27, blued bolt.
-1939 Tula M91/30. Refinished stock.
-1942 Izhevsk M91/30. Finnish capture with what appears to be a genuine WW2 Russian leather sling. It also has a blued bolt
-1933 Izhevsk M91/30, all parts matching including the bayonet. Russian refurb.
-1968 Finnish M39. Brand spanking new, hasn't even been fired yet.
-1943 Izhevsk M38 in an M44 stock, no parts matching. Refinished stock.
-1954 Romanian M44, my first Mosin and big(ger) bore rifle. I was eying the M44 for a full year in the Big 5 ads when I was 16 and they were 50 bucks. My brothers knew about it (I told them every week) and I got this rifle for Christmas.

Link to full-size family photos
Link to closeups of the P-27
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