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I felt like my interview went pretty badly. Here's how it went down:

I arrived 15 minutes early and he took me in right away.

Sheriff Moore gave me the same pro-gun/NRA life member speech as Jagertroop.

Then he basically stated that I needed to provide him with a reason why my need(specific threats, conditions, etc) to carry was above and beyond that of the average citizen in order for him to approve my application. I stuck to my "good cause" as presented in my application. I told him that I wanted to exercise my right to self defense away from the home. I did let my mouth run a little more than I had planned telling him that there have been several times where I've been out locally at night and felt that I was in a threatened position.

He also make mention of the fact that I work at a National Laboratory and that I would be prohibited from carrying to and from work because firearms are prohibited there. I told him that I was already aware of this fact.

He said he would take my statement under advisement and that I should be hearing from his office soon.

Other than that, he was cordial and quick. I was out of there 15 minutes after I arrived.

I hope that legal slap Jagertroop mentioned happens, because I'm pretty confident that's what it's going to take to get a CCW in this county....
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