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I don't know if this will help you, because we run ours off propane, and I think you're asking for gasoline numbers.

As another caveat, we've only done this once, just for grins, but the one time we ran a "max" test, (max output for max duration) we got about 12 hours from a standard Home Depot 20# propane tank.

On 50% load, we've never run it dry to see what we get. I've read the propane numbers scale in a nearly linear way, so I would anticipate over 24 hours. We have certainly gotten over 20, but never pushed it to the end, so I'm taking it on faith it would go the extra 4 or whatever. There was def propane left in the bottle at that time, but it was convenient to change the bottle for the next trip, so we did.

On an somewhat-related note, if it's at all do-able financially, consider keeping the 1k. For the scenario you mentioned (sipping for 30 mins per day), the 1k is in a class by itself.
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