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Originally Posted by Epaphroditus View Post
Rail lug thingy aside ... any suggestions on how to mount a bayonet to the CMMG Mk3?
Get a standard front sight post with a bayonet lug on it. Based on what CMMG is offering as a "MK3" on the link you provided, that means ditching the FF handguard, replacing the gas block, possibly having to cut the barrel down so the bayonet actually sits on the FH like it's supposed to, mounting a muzzle device that the bayonet can fit over, and likely using an extended FH pinned and welded depending on where the FSB ends up sitting.

Considering all of that, you might as well just get yourself a different upper altogether.

edit: No, that lug from armalite probably wouldn't work with those CMMG uppers, since the gas block is sitting under the handguard, and even if it extended past the handguard far enough you've still got the rest of the problems to deal with.

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