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Originally Posted by aghauler View Post
I cheated no one, I didn't threaten him I just had the DA talk to him about his business practice. He knew what he had done with a cobbled together "Tanker" and didn't hesitate to offer the refund. Parts swapped out to complete the rifle with the 7.62 Nato bbl, Lets see there was the short barrel, bolt wich didn't head space, op rod, op rod spring, out of spec parts were Gas cylinder, clip latch, follower rod was bent, follower was not within spec, triggerguard and group was worn, no upper handguard, etc. Sorry I didn't mention this WAS 15 years ago so you KNOW what the price of a Garand was then. The several trips to the Garandsmith were time consuming and cost gas money also, I explained that to the seller. So I basicly got the the receiver, stock and rear handguard for the time and money invested. I do take OFFENSE to to anyone telling me I "cheated" someone as THAT is not something I do. I do business with a handshake, and I have an A+ rating on Gunbroker. Even had more than one buyer call me and thank me for selling them a firearm that was worth MORE than the selling price.
Well im glad you explained what happened with the tanker. Its funny because the way you wrote about your experience the first time is very different from your second post on the subject.

Your earlier post where you stated the hp22a not being returned after 6 months was because i had not properly followed up could be offensive in the same way. But im sure thats not what you intended.

Quite off topic by now
WTB: old cz75 with round trigger guard & spur hammer, sf bay
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