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Originally Posted by aghauler View Post
Interesting scenario, thanks for the details. What happened when the Ontario PD checked them out?
I just called the Ontario phone number and the answering machine picked up. I'll try again later.

I once had an issue with a gun seller in FLA, sold me a "Tanker Garand" which was non functional when I tried to shoot it. Took it to a Garandsmith who couldn't get it to work. I called the guy he refused to make things right he figured I was 3000 miles away and couldn't reach out and touch him, so I contacted the DA in his County next thing I got was a phone call from the guy wanting to know how he could "fix" things. He refunded all of my money except $135 and I kept the Garand which now wears a new USGI 7.62 bbl in the original - non Tanker configuration. So you DO have avenues to persue if you choose to. Have the PD do another "well fair check". Maybe a CalGunner in that area can go knock on thier door and inform them of what people are saying! File a compliant with the BBB, they'll investigate them also.
Good luck and keep us in the loop. Old info but still possibly relevent?
He should have disclosed the problem but it sounds like you ended up cheating him out of the tanker m1 by threatening legal action. You and i both know that the value of the remaining parts that dont need to be swapped is more than $135.
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