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Originally Posted by bassbones View Post
Jesus F ing Christ. What a bunch of whinny women ... My generation grew up In houses panted with lead based paint, no seat belts, no helmets, and duct tape was the most advanced hemostat of the time. We swam in the creek and played smear the queer... We had BB gun fights and dirt clod wars.... We made ramps form fence boards and buckets.... No wonder things are how they are..
The difference between some mall ninja weekend shooter and someone who has MARKSMEN in his blood is just that..that child I'd just being indoctrinated into the life that he was born into.. My son sat in his high chair at 1 with play tools and a plastic pistol and mimicked me as I worked on mine.. I would take him to the range and stand by the cars and let him hear the noises. Get him acclimated ...
I have friends that have their infants in the garage while they work on cars.. Plenty of fumes and potentially toxic materials arround....
I think you pussies need to go ride a bike with out a helmet and MYOFB ....

Bassbones I agree with everything in yout post except one. Your son "standing by the cars in the parking lot" is way different than an infant in a car seat at a range bench. The noise is much louder there. I would not care about the lead as the exposure in small and limited. The noise however would be a concern.

Took my son to Reeds and some nut was rapid firing a hand cannon. We had to leave it was so loud.
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It's one thing to question everything . . . It's entirely another thing to reject simple, rational explanations in favor of ever more fantastic and far reaching explanations because you've decided the government cannot be trusted.
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Anyone who says the American dream requires a specific pay range doesn't understand the meaning of the American dream