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Originally Posted by BonnieB View Post
When pencils still had lead "leads" in them, children and adults got poisoned gradually, by licking the ends, for decades. (Yes, they really did it. Ask your grampa). Now pencils have graphite in them, because someone noticed lead poisoning symptoms showing up. I'm not persuaded that graphite is good to eat, but people rarely lick the ends of pencils any more. Pewter was a common food container throughout history and yep, has lead as a major component. It's a miracle the species survived.
Not only that, but gasoline (think exhaust) contained lead, plumbing solder contained lead, brass plumbing fittings contained lead, the paint on cribs (yum!) contained lead, heck, most paints contained lead, wheel weights were lead, yada yada yada. We cast bullets, we cast fishing weights, we cast scuba weights, we cast (and played with) lead soldiers, we lined the valleys on our roofs with lead sheet, etc. Hell, lead was all around us, being ingested daily, yet it seems like we have more and more kids with learning and behavior disorders now than ever before, even though we have less lead exposure than ever before. Personally, I think the lead problem is overblown, as are most environmental issues the liberals push.

As for the shotgun range and lead, now there might be more of a valid concern regarding airborne lead dust, though most shot that I see is pretty clean and dust-free (after all, it's dropped into a liquid to harden).

Originally Posted by Zedrek View Post
What was so important that couldn't wait until someone could watch the baby?
Maybe mommy was around. But, still, I agree. What was so important that he would risk his baby's hearing being damaged? To me, that is the main issue.

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