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Originally Posted by hoffmang View Post
For your worried math to work you have to assume the entire rest of the current active aren't supportive and I think that's hard math for your position. It would not surprise me to see them petition of reconsideration and en-banc to stall. What is not very clear is whether it would be granted based on the math above. The wild card would be if someone wanted to dissent to the denial of en-banc - which could add a couple of months to the timeline.

As to all this "California will be last stuff - poppycock. This is going to SCOTUS and the day after the decision is announced all the holdout states and City will be shall issue.

That's only if the Heller 5 stay on the court by the time this case reaches them (if the antis appeal, which if their "sore loser" attitude is any indication they will)...

The antis could also pull the "delay the case until Obama can appoint one more liberal judge" card... I wouldn't put it past them...
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