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Originally Posted by 1JimMarch View Post
Here's how it will go...gunnies to grabbers:

"You guys want at least training in place before 180 days are up? Fine. Please us! We want no more FOID. We want Chicago permanently out of the gun control biz (strong preemption). We want unlimited cutlery carry to go with our CCWs. We want full reciprocity with anything that even smells like another CCW permit. We want lock-boxes for our boomthings at any of the few places we'll let you disarm us. We want you all to do the Funky Chicken Dance in Daley Plaza. You think we're kidding? You're going to have to give us a LOT before we'll concede to training requirements and costs over $10. Because all we have to do is sit here, twiddle our thumbs and fart in your general direction and in 180 days we get constitutional carry and one hell of a party in downtown Chi-town baby. Leave your gangbanger friends behind if you know what's good for 'em."

THAT is where we're at here.
Sounds like what's going to happen is already decided. The only question is whether they get it with or without lube. Kicking a fuss seems like it would be cutting their nose off to spite their face. If that's the case they'll let it quietly slide into law and then just blame the courts, the NRA, etc etc like always. Frankly I think it may be more complicated than this because politicians have long memories and will turn around and stick it to the pro-gunnies the next time they have the pro-guns over a barrel. Well, it seems like there's been plenty of that water under the bridge already so maybe this is just payback being the beotch she is known to be.
The one thing worse than defeat is surrender.
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