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As the boyfriend of the girl you referenced in your post, I'd like to point out one huge discrepancy in your allegations..

She's ****ing white. How can you possibly accuse Rifle Gear of being racist against white people when the person he helped instead of you was white herself?

For the record, I live about an hour and twenty from RifleGear, and I have driven there on four separate occasions to do business with them. Their prices are as low as any online vendor, and their customer service is second to none. I am relieved to know that you will no longer be shopping there. Something about their reputation in the community and their reviews on Yelp tells me they are going to make it okay without you.

Also, "200 bills?" You need to have your eyes checked, bro. Hopefully the folks at the local VA aren't racist, or you're SOL, huh?

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