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Originally Posted by Baja Jones View Post
"I will share,
They will deny you straight out unless you are already from an annointed class of people. (politically connected to Gore, private business owner dealing in large amounts of money.)
There are only about 700 or so civilian CCW's issued to San Diegans, so you will not get one. "

This is very discouraging, I was going to attempt myself. I am a business owner, I deliver product to the border and get paid cash. Not big bucks but 1-3 thousand dollars. I used to open carry as a deterrent to robbery prior to 01/01/12.
Is this a fact? There are only 700 permits in San Diego.There are 3,000,000 residents! Is there any litigation currently in the courts that if the pro constitution party prevails will change this policy?
Well if you apply and they grant a permit based on your good cause, I would like to become your employee, to get the same consideration. I have impecable references.
"Gun owners in California in 2011 are like black people in the south in 1955. If you don't understand that then your concepts of fighting for gun rights is just tilting at windmills." Gene Hoffman.

"Why do you need to carry a gun?" ...Because it not a Bill of Needs, its a Bill of Rights!!
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