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Originally Posted by Bigtime1 View Post
firemark - Your experience sounds understandably frustrating. I am still crafting my GC and have had a few people in-the-know review it and offer editing suggestions. I'm torn between going ahead now and waiting until the courts tell Sheriff Gore that he needs to go virtual shall-issue. I'll relay my experiences to this group so we can all learn together.

BTW - Thank you for your service to our country and community.
Good luck is all I can say, but I did the same, had several people in the know assist with crafting best GC statement possible for me, and you saw what happend. Gore and Baca are not going to let common folk carry. It doesnt serve their purpose to decrease crime hence decrease their funding.
"Gun owners in California in 2011 are like black people in the south in 1955. If you don't understand that then your concepts of fighting for gun rights is just tilting at windmills." Gene Hoffman.

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