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Originally Posted by sixoclockhold View Post
For every stock that was a high flyer there are 20 that crashed and burned or never made it out of the gates. Sure everyone is elated the market gained 30% last year but that isn't the norm. Markets are manipulated, all of them.

Taking historical charts we can see Gold to the S&P and real estate. They show different facts than posted here. Also every time a company lags inside the S&P it is kicked to the curb and a strong replacement stock is inserted. Skews the numbers and facts. Gold needs no such help, it stands the test of time.

Ammo...heh heh Cabbage patch dolls were hot once too.

If you purchased the equivalent in gold as the price of a house in 1980-1982, today you could buy 3 of the same average homes with the gold.

Still missing the point.

Business traded on public exchanges file piles of financial data and send it to investors and regulators. We can "invest" in well run businesses or gamble with the "hot trades" of the day.

Just like people that buy gold hand over fist when doom and gloom are all the rage, many buy the dot com or solar or whatever "new and great" stock of the day as it climbs for no sound reason.

Metals are not a bad thing to own, but if you are planning your future on them you are doing it wrong. (Unless of course you are a dealer and simply making a % on each sale.)
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