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relatively new to PMs here... Could anyone advise me on the pros & cons of using a monthly silver purchase plan?

I'm sure I want to take physical possession of my PMs, and am thinking that by doing these monthly purchase programs, I can save a ton of money on shipping, by waiting til I've met the minimum orders, and not having to pay c/c transaction fees.

Any opinions, or feedback from people who have or have had reason not to participate in such programs?

My situation: I could afford to put approx $150 a month in to PMs, but to spend that per month, on a new order each month would eat away at my total PM purchase, due to shipping, and c/c fees. If I could pay the $150 per month, and then when I have enough for a 1 KG bar of silver, or an ounce of gold, take physical possession at that time.

Please, PM me, since this might be considered slightly "off-topic"
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