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Question Bringing a gun shot victim to the range for her first time. Advice?

several years ago a friend of my wife was shot in the leg while out on the vegas strip partying with friends for a bachelorette party. one of the two bones in the lower leg was shatter and has been rebuilt with a titanium rod knee to ankle. Needless to say this was a traumatic event for her and all her girlfriends with her, including my wife. Not a good day.

Fast forward to now... I've become more vocal on social networks about my pro-gun stance and had some mild discussion with her about current legislation. I told her if she ever felt up to it I would gladly take her to the range. To my surprise she messaged me back asking to go to the range and learn to shoot and try to face this massive fear. She said she may freak out and want to leave immediately, might start crying, etc... I know she is a tough chick in other regards and is always up for a challenge. On the other hand I know we are all human and each have our difficulties in life. I do not expect anything of her as I know this is huge hurdle to try and overcome.

So with that said, what kind of advice can some of the female CalGuns base bring to the table? What was your first time like going to the range? Did you grow up with/around guns? Have you been a victim of a senseless gun related crime before?

i'm sure the gents will want to chime in since this place is a sausagefest, but i'm looking for a women's perspective. Unless you're a male Psychologist that specializes in this kind of thing or have some genuine advice you feel is useful, leave the answers to our ladie CalGunners.

Update: If you're on Facebook, please like and share her page for justice. Today, Sept. 9th 2013 the criminal who shot in to the crowd hitting Brittany and 3 others *7 years ago*, has been relieved of house arrest and is free to come and go as he pleases.
If you have connections to Clark County justice, please speak up.
Guns, and stuff.

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