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San Diego area firefighters are circulating this notice amongst our own. LEO are our brothers too. If you haven't seen it yet, please also consider passing it to others who might be willing to help.



Subject: Request to Donate Blood - A Message from the Sheriff's Department

Hello Friends -

As I'm sure you all know, two of our own (Detective Ali Perez and Sgt Craig Johnson) were shot with a high power rifle on Tuesday afternoon as they attempted to arrest a child molester. Craig is stable, but still has a long recovery ahead of him.

We almost lost Ali the first night because he had internal bleeding and they couldn't identify the source. At one point the doctors came out of surgery saying it didn't look good and we needed to prepare ourselves for the worst. Ali is a fighter and fortunately they were finally able to find the source and stop the bleeding. Ali is still critical and not even close to being out of the woods, but I truly believe all the love and support from friends and family is giving Ali the will and drive to continue fighting.

Ali had surgery this morning, is scheduled for another surgery on Saturday and will likely have more surgeries over the course of the next several months. He has lost a lot of blood and will lose more during the subsequent surgeries, so the San Diego Blood Bank has set up a donation account for him. Ali has O+ blood, but any blood type is accepted and will be credited to Ali's account. See information below.

I am asking all of you to please pass the information below to anyone who is willing to donate.

Thank you all in advance!!

[Name removed] from the Sheriff's Department

Detective Perez' blood type is 0 POSITIVE. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE 0 POSITIVE! TO DONATE. When you go to any San Diego Blood Bank facility, tell them you are donating in Detective Perez' name and provide the following code:


Detective Perez will receive all the blood he requires during his recovery and the cost/availability will be offset by donations.
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