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Originally Posted by NorCalDustin View Post
Round counts... I'm not exactly near what you and Dave have down range in AR-15 style .22LR's (At least not yet , My goal is to put down range another 25k this summer through my first Dedicated Upper)... But, I easily have in excess of 15k rounds down my two dedicated uppers and probably another 1-2k down the bolt I had.
Since all my mags are the 27rd BDM's, I've found that it's REALLY EASY to put some serious lead downrange in my AR-22. I've got a loading tool that makes loading them easier too. Plus I load up all of them before I head out to save time at the range.

Edit: Yes, I run Remington GB's... Much to the dismay of the idiots at many local ranges who freak out when GB's wont run in their 10/22's but they will in my upper.
You're lucky. I had to trade some Remington ammo to another calgunner a while back because it wouldn't even CHAMBER in my AR-22. I normally really like Remington ammo, but that was annoying. My AR-22 runs great on the Winchester and Federal bulk stuff though.
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