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Originally Posted by SJ Mosin View Post
Next I need some Diopter sights, anyone know which sights can be used in most vintage rifle matches?
The Carmel Gun Club holds several 300m Swiss rifle matches every spring, using Swiss military targets, courses of fire, and sends your scores to Switzerland for medals. Some matches also include 50m pistol courses of fire. Most matches are followed by a BBQ or other communal meal. It's a lot of fun and you just have to get up early -it's south of Salinas and squadding for relays occurs by 8:30AM.

Most CGC shooters use the original W+F diopters (Waffenfabrik Bern) but others are very pleased with the US made St. Marie sights, which are a bit less expensive, readily available, and a bit more adjustable.

Check out these links to learn much more:
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