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Ft-7800 mobile
GE MVS/OT2m/Nuvi350 (APRS)
Alinco DR-605 for the shack
Kenwood 2m mobile that I use for events/digital stuff

Wish List: FT-857/897 or I might settle for an FT-450, but I would like the all-mode 2m/440 in the 8x7s.

Member (BOD for another month) K6ARP (

I generally hang out on the club repeater system while mobile and operate 1st/3rd Thursday night net as Net Control. Our high level repeater (2m/220/440) has generator backup and are up around 4600'. 2m covers from south of Stockton almost to Bakersfield. It plays well across the valley (fades out around Newman on the I-5 corridor to the north and works at least from Kettleman City to the south.) Farthest I've hit it was from Black Mountain over near Santa Margarita (mountain top to mountain top, hardly a struggle at 20watts).

Low level repeater (440) in Clovis has IRLP (8280), Echolink and autopatch with 440 link up the hill.

I've worked a few community events. Never made a contact on HF. Worked one contest (June '10 VHF/UHF from CM95). Done a few local t-hunts (nothing like the So-Cal stuff).

A friend from a Linux group got me into radio when he was talking about APRS.

I'm a No-Code General class Appliance Operator.
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