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Originally Posted by badreligion View Post
I am a Former Marine RO 2531/0621 so I know some of the basics in regards to radio stuff. My longest shot was from Southern Thialand to Okinawa using a MRC-138 (Vehicle Mounted 400 watt HF radio), not counting satelite work.

Mostly looking for handheld and vehicle comms right now.

I have read the entire thread, maybe I am dense.
Badreligion.... Radio is magic. 400 watts is tons of power. 99% of the HF radios now only put out 100 watts. That and a piece of wire will get you around the world.

Two weeks ago i was camping in Arizona. I used a mere 5 WATTS (known as "QRP" in ham radio world) to talk to a guy down in Tasmania. I regularly talk all across north america and south america with 50 watts or less. That's very typical, especially when propagation (atmospheric conditions) are good.

There are many "QRPers" in ham radio. We love to use minimal power with crude antennas. Check out to learn everything there is about ham radio.

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