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The recent ticket will still need disclosure as they will have a record of it regardless of your traffic school situation. The 65 while towing won't help either. Anything beyond the 5 to 7 year mark won't matter. I believe they have a 7 year history available to them, but the application only asks for 5 years to be disclosed.

It will be interesting to see how Capt. Fulenwider perceives your character with a couple of speeding tickets on there. There is apparently more than one time when he has denied stating that it shows a lack of character... however I would have to venture a guess to say that you are good to go because there are just 2 of them and nothing else of note to go with them. If you had a third speed or perhaps a tailgating or something like that to go with it, I think you would be toast.

Either way, I would be very interested in knowing the outcome of your interview right away. PM me if you want my number. Feel free to pick my brain before going in if you like... hehe! Just remember though... I am average "joe" citizen, so I am no better of a source than your next door neighbor except for I have been through the process before and know others who have as well and have "collected" their stories.
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