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Originally Posted by JanosNFS View Post
My name is Janos, am from Hungary originally but am a US citizen now and live with my wife and 10 month old son in California.
I had been shooting for 6 years now but wanted to get a bit more serious about it so figured I look at this site that everybody recommended. I want to become a better shot and perhaps participate at some shooting competitions.
Another thing that got me to look into this site more when a few weeks ago I started to look for a new handgun for competitions, picked one, went to a local gun store where they told me it's illegal here, I had 4 more choices... all illegal now in Cali... practically all good competition handguns are banned here!?
I found the roster online, very limited. Private trade is the only option which are mostly ridiculously overpriced... LOL
I am an NRA member but now I start to feel how limited this state is when it comes to guns.
Anyways I'll do some research here to find a good competition gun and ask my questions as they come up.

Keep an eye out on the Marketplace, you can find reasonably fair deals for many guns. but it takes time and patience.

Also, do you have any bloodline parents or children that live in a free state?
If yes, they can gift you a gun that is off roster but otherwise CA legal.
Originally posted by Kestryll:
It never fails to amuse me how people get outraged but fail to tell the whole story in their rants....
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