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Originally Posted by ratled View Post
Like Twinfin mentioned - for any others that do this, check what threads are on your fittings. Unfortunately a lot of folks, and even professional plumbers hired specifically to do this kind of thing, use NPT, National pipe thread, and no fire agency I know uses that. Most use NHT, national hose thread and some use specific department threads This was a big problem at the Oakland Hills Fire years ago when fire couldn't tap into homeowners tanks and many couldn't connect to each other due to mismatched threads.

If your do this, I would provide one outlet that is 1.5" with a male NHT and on larger tanks an additional 2.5" with a male NHT. I would be sure to check with your local agency and confirm what they use. Consider posting a small sing stating size and thread.
I don't know if they do anymore, but for years Oakland had 3 inch hoses and fittings, which was a big problem for other respoding agencies during the fire storm.
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