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Originally Posted by ratled View Post
And that is why you need a setup like this

Either something like this off the shelf or build your own
That product is a good representation of what you need to protect your home but I prefer to assemble my own and shop around for best price. My good friend nearly lost his home during the Thomas fire. He only had garden hose and a small electric pump to pump from his hot tub at times. Power was out and city water slowed to a trickle as homes around his burned to the ground. He is now a believer in having some serious capacity to throw some water around and is much better prepared now.

Today my own fire preparations improved with arrival via FedEx of a few reducers and fittings that allow maximum flexibility in how I hook up my fire pump to my private water supply. I now have a good variety of standard fire department threaded fittings (National Hose Thread) from 1.5 inch to 2.5 inch and the ability to supply two separate 1.5 inch hose lines from my fire pump. My thought being that I would put a hose line on each side of my house and be able to respond to threats on either side by moving from one hose to the other rather than trying to drag a heavy 1.5 inch fire hose to the other side of the house.

I also did a bit of house keeping by clearing out a corner of the garage for this equipment. Now, everything is one place. All my nozzles, reducers, gated wye and related fittings are in one stout plastic crate. The gas powered pump and fire hose are also neatly stored but easy to get to. Last but not least, a set of long sleeve Nomex shirt and pants I found on a military surplus website along with eye protection and leather gloves are laying on top of the hose. The Nomex gear is big enough to put on over whatever clothes I am already wearing at the time.

I know that in the event of a wildland fire there will be enough pandemonium at hand. No need to add additional stress by having to run around, trying to find everything.
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