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Originally Posted by CzechGuyUSA View Post

I know I am 349 at Travis too.... The guy with the explosives in his vehicle, guy on the airfield, guy in a vehicle running into the base... I had a guy cursing me out for wearing my ABU, calling me names.... I absolutely look like a military or LEO, and lately I don't feel very safe... Even considering moving out of state, however, my civilian job here is good and it is not easy to move.

It really sucks that there is no exemption for Military personnel.

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All I can say is be safe and give it a shot. I have heard of gun shop employees being granted ccws. But if you have some of the right credentialing, it might be good enough to sway the sheriff's office. My wife and I are serious about getting back out of here, for us it's some family situations keeping us here.

Nice choice on the p10c, I picked up a couple of shadow 2s once the decision was made to move back. San Mateo isnt as extreme as San Francisco which is why I say give it a shot.

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