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Default BUIS in combat? How often has your optic failed?

My name is Walter and I'm an irons-aholic...there I said it.

I decided to put this question here because I'd rather not have all the commentary from mall ninjas and armchair commandos.

For my brothers and sisters who've seen action in this century, how often have you, or known soldiers and Marines who have had to, use back up irons due to optic failure during a deployment?

Back in my day optics were issued sparsely if at all. I've also had my experiences and probably a little PTSD along with it.

Consequently irons are pounded in to my brain and I can't let go. I want to do a couple of AR uppers and just run quality optics, put the cost of good irons in to better glass.

But the OCD part of my brain won't let me sleep at night unless all irons are working properly and zeroed. Doesn't matter if it's only 1 rifle out of 10 that isn't up to par, it'll bug the crap out of me till I get to the range. The nature of OCD being a big PITA, it also doesn't matter that the only time I use irons is checking zeros to make sure my OCD is assuaged. And God help me if I have a weapon that doesn't have irons yet, a whatever stage of the build. It also doesn't matter if it's just a varmint gun and they aren't shooting they might start shooting back tomorrow

So I'm thinking, that if you guys have rarely, if at all, ever had to used your irons instead of optic, maybe I can let go a little bit. Or if it is common, back up my craziness form the experiences of others.

As a secondary useful piece of info, if you suffered optic failure, could you state the make and model, as well as any info you care to share?

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