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Originally Posted by Junkie View Post
While staying quiet might help keep it legal longer, it also means the cops are far more likely to think it's illegal.

If open carry hadn't been popularized, the few people doing it would likely have been arrested (or at least detained in the back of a cop car) until the cop figured out it was legal. Same is true of ARs.
And sadly both had the same fate But I don't blame the exercising of, or discussions about, our rights as the cause in either case. Simply it is/was anti-gunners doing what they do best, banning everything they can one bit at a time. They don't really need to get ideas from us to accomplish that goal, in general. Although, there are rare times where exercising and discussion of our rights is best kept as secret as possible until a specific date - such as when a particular anti-gunner regime is about to be (or has already been) voted out of office, or if there is an administrative deadline looming, after which changes can't be made anymore. Neither of those exceptions are particularly true in CA at the moment. Even the DOJ RAW registration regulations can be revised whenever they feel like it, Jan 1 isn't some magic date where they have to have their regs carved into stone. As far as I'm aware, anyways.
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