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Originally Posted by 86 5.0L View Post
Let me fill you in on a little secret. There's going to be another session after this one, and another and another and another after that. Being quiet for a few months makes no difference, they're playing the long game.
To be fair, being quiet can at least buy us a few more months or years before implementation of new "loophole" closures.

But on the other hand, yes, it's just delaying the inevitable. Do you think if people knew in 2001 that "assault weapons" would be completely banned 16 years later, that they'd have chosen to remain silent about off-list-lowers and bullet buttons for the next 16 years? For one thing, staying silent would have resulted in an almost non-existent AR market in CA for the last 15 years, as theoretically most gun owners wouldn't even know about the "loopholes". And secondly, you can't really expect tens of thousands of gun owners to keep silent about anything for more than about 11.3 seconds, so it's an unrealistic expectation. You can keep telling people to shut their yappers about removing bullet buttons all day long, but you're never going to keep up with it enough to completely hide it from prying eyes.

So really I think both sides of that argument have valid points.

*Yes I know the above mentioned things aren't "loopholes", which is why I wrapped the word with bunny ears
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