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I just DROSed three, two standards and one compact. Shouldering one in the store was very disappointing, the stock feels like crap. Well, I'll probably be swapping out the stocks eventually.

SWMBO will probably want one (probably with a scope), and the other two will be for n00bs and Appleseed. Last year before these came out I was looking for a nice bolt-action rimfire. Because it was for Appleseed, I wanted an American-made one (so no CZ). I bought a Savage, and when I brought it home discovered it was made in Canada!

Plus it has a cheesy Fisher-Price stock that I can't replace because all the aftermarket stocks are for scopes; and the factory magazine curls forward and slices into my arm when using a sling for support. I'm not a happy Savage customer.

I only learned about these Rugers when I saw the Turners sale ad this week! We have dozens of 10/22 magazines, these are going to be great!
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Getting called a DOJ shill has become a rite of passage around here. I've certainly been called that more than once - I've even seen Kes get called that. I haven't seen Red-O get called that yet, which is very suspicious to me, and means he's probably a DOJ shill.
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