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Originally Posted by digger2 View Post
Struggling to make sense of this reply.
If you take a receipt into the receiving dealer he has no reason to suspect that it is a fake or not. He will take what he sees at face value. Granted if someone buys a Sig P226 with a 10 round count and claims it as costing $50.00 then he may smell a rat. However, he has committed no crime at all. The perp here is the presenter of the possible false receipt. However, the BOE has no knowledge of the condition of the gun. crushed frame, grip, totally rusted out etc.
Of course the BOE would say that you owe the tax regardless of what the receipt says, but how does the receiving dealer establish value? The BOE says by the sales receipt!
If the BOE finds out a company is putting committing sales tax evasion by creating false receipts, then they can go to the FFL and go after them for the money. While this might be rare, it is still a risk.
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