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Originally Posted by NoSmoke View Post
California has become the ultimate rip-off state. I just purchased a Ruger LC9 with Lasermax in Arkansas for $425 + $34 sales tax (8%). There were no additional fees whatsoever. Plus, I walked out with the pistol because there is no waiting period. Gotta love states like that! And, with all the California gun laws, there is more crime here per capita than states with less gun laws. Go figure!
I hope that you are also a resident of Arkansas since if you are not, the transfer would not be legal.

There was no additional fees, in part, because the FFL sold you the firearm, but also because it sounds like they are using the NICS system, which is free.

The background checks really should be free, especially for a CA PPT. You have to love it that the FFL has to take a discounted fee, but CA gets their full amount, which exceeds the costs.
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