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One thing to remember, those that sit on Calguns with dedication are "battle weary" from a seemingly abrupt, strong rush of new members asking weird, offensive, illegal, goofy, irrelevant, repetitive, or downright (as my wife would say) "inapprops, dude" questions. Calguns is a vast pool of knowledge and misinformation. Those with the knowledge try hard to weed out the misinformation. Some members may be a bit tired and impatient, now-a-days, for a polite response. Or, maybe you struck a chord. (Cord? I see it going both ways.) As for me, I'm bored, in the desert, with an internet connection.

Either way, welcome to Calguns. If this is your first attacked thread, you're ahead of the curve.

Also, as for your OP...yes.

And, dry land is a myth.

"Never go through a door without a full magazine in your weapon." --Capt. Eric A. Sykes--

"(experts), of course, have long recognized the .45 as possessing killing power completely out of proportion to the scientific reality of its cross-sectional area, sectional density and available kinetic energy." --G&S online--
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